Heart of Stone by Christine Warren

Part of her job as the PA to the assistant curator of the Vancouver museum was to attend fund-raising galas and mingle with the donors. Ella Harrow was basically shy and as soon as the event was over she rushed out to the gardens to get some air. Here in the gardens three things happened that changed her life forever: Patrick Stanley accosted her, she was very nearly kidnapped by a stranger, but before it could be done, she woke up a sleeping gargoyle and he rescued her.
Sleeping gargoyle ? Yes and his name is Kees. He is a guardian of the human race against demons and nocturnis. When Ella saw him come to life, all 7 feet, gray skin, tail, wings, fangs and horns she unleashed her magic to destroy him, but it didn’t even dent the stone he was made of. Unleashed her magic? Yes, she had the gift of magic inside of her that she has tried to hide all her life. Kees could not believe a mere human mortal awaken him, only wards could. Wards? Yes other magical humans who summoned guardians when demons are unleashed on the world. Why did Ella wake him and not the wards? Kees soon finds out that while he has been sleeping, the nocturnis have been systematically killing the wards so that none could awaken the guardians. Now Ella and Kees are in a race against time to find and awaken the other guardians before EVIL takes hold of the world. Thrilling isn’t it. Love the idea of gargoyles coming to life to protect humans, conquer evil and fall in love. Love? Yes of course the human and the gargoyle mate!!! You will enjoy this book, it is different, edgy and funny at the same time. Thank you Netgalley for sending me the ARC to review and give my unbiased opinion on the book.


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