Cimil you are crazy, nutso and insane; and those are the nice things I can say. She has a split personality or as she would say, her other futuristic Cimil and her present in the moment Cimil, I would call this bi-polar. She caused her would be soul mates death, not only that she got him converted to a vampire and started the vampire race. Way to go Cimil. She then decided that every time she did good, it backfired and turned into a nightmare so from now on she will be EVIL and maybe everything will turn out good. How is that for convoluted. Anyway on this premise we see Cimil in previous books as betrayer, evil, conniving when in fact she is trying to prevent the end of the world. I like this story plot, it appealed to my weird whimsical side and I now understand why Roberto was not talking in vampires need not apply. Good read for anyone normal or insane

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