Who me? I am never going to fall in love! Really Leo?

The Fireside Inn – The Billionaire Bachelors
By Lily Everett

Three of Miles Harrington friends joined him at the Biltmore Club, aka The Billionaires Club.
Miles has something important he wants to share; he is getting married to Greta Hackley from Sanctuary Island. He asks his friends to be in charge of 3 things for the wedding: Leo Strathairn, a reading, Zane Bishop, to plan the reception and Cooper Haynes, the honeymoon planner. Since he really wants them to attend he also threw in a wager. He bet them his helicopter and landing rights at the Biltmore club that they would all find true love on the island. The 3 friends scoffed at the love idea and took the bet.
Fireside Inn is Leo’s story. Upon arrival at Sanctuary Island Leo Strathairn goes to the library to get help on researching love poems for the wedding. There he meets Serena Lightfoot the head librarian. They are instantly attracted to each. She agrees to help and as the days slowly past they develop a relationship. But secrets and wariness keeps them from committing to each other. When all is exposed, love enters and they get a HEA.
This is a short love story. I like the way the character Leo slowly learns to trust and hope as he overcomes a huge personal obstacle. I enjoy reading how Serena, even though deceived, forgave and helped Leo past his roadblock in life.
Good, short and sweet.

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