Escaping Reality & Infinite Possibilities ( The Secret Life of Amy Benson) by Lisa R Jones



Poor Amy. She has been running for six years. The unidentified person who helped her escape from her burning house then the hospital has told her “trust no one”. When she gets settled one place, the call comes,”leave town they are coming for you”. Who wants to kill her? She doesn’t know nor does she trust anyone, until Liam. Yet even though she loves Liam she runs away from him too. Now where is she going to go ? 😱. Excellent suspenseful read. the heroine could have a bit more backbone, but what do I know, I am not the one on the run from a killer.






In my last review of “The Secret Life of Amy Bensen”, I wrote that Amy needed more backbone….well in this book she flipped out.
She reunites with Liam , swears she trusts him implicitly, is pregnant with his baby, knows people are out to kill her and agrees to go underground to make plans with Liam and his men for awhile . But what does she do? Runs away from Liam again with someone she does not really trust. Forget that she is putting her life and the baby’s life at risk, runs right to trouble in Texas without any plan just being her irrational Amy self. I was frustrated with the Amy character in this book that is why even though the book had lots of plots and adventure Amy made it intolerable for me to enjoy,loved Liam though.






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