Ice Dancer’s Hold by Tessa Stockton

This a short love story about Forgiveness and Redemption.

Sasha is a Fae slave to Princess Kristyana. The princess is an immoral vampyre who hates Sasha because of her purity and innocence. Sasha is a believer in “The Messenger” She feels she was sent by him to be enslaved for a purpose. She meets Master Kilian who is betrothed to Princess Kristyana for political reasons, not love. From the moment she sees him she feels that this vampyre is different and her purpose is tied to him. He feels tenderness and protective of Sasha; a feeling quite alien to his race of Vampyres. Fae’s are to be drain of their lifeblood in order for the vampyre to have increased lasting power and be able to walk in the sun; not to be cherished. Sasha is gifted to Killian by Kristyana but tries to take her back, when it becomes known that she is the last remaining Fae and to hold her, holds The Vampyre kingdom power. A civil war breaks out and all vampyres are attacking Kilian for Sasha’s ownership.

Who will win? Will Sasha and Kilian be united with The Messenger’s blessing? This story is very short, but action backed. Lot’s of good vs. evil situations with redemption and salvation as the ultimate prize.
I received the book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.


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