Anonymous by Holly Hood


When I first opened up this book and starting reading, I was thinking, “What is this book about, a girl going into rehab for drunk driving?  I don’t think I want to read this”, but I sat down and starting reading anyway.  The book grew progressively more and more interesting. It is about Elle Saunders, a girl who with her friend, got so drunk at a party that when they left they had an accident and a tragedy occurred.  This could happen to anyone who is drunk and thinks they are OK to drive. Elle’s parents intervened and forced her into rehab because she could not get past that life changing occurrence and kept drinking to forget.  At rehab she would not open up to anyone until she meets Hart Allen, also a repeat offender in rehab.  He makes her talk and she starts her baby steps toward normalcy.  But what is normal for her isn’t the same for anyone else.  This is a love story about Elle and Hart, how together they walk the road of rehabilitation, helping each other out and confronting each other’s demons.  I really liked this book after the first couple of chapters and grew to admire both Elle and Hart. This book is good for anyone to read and it might stop someone from DUI.

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