Come Home To Me – Whiskey Creek Series – By Brenda Novak – SPOILERS


Aaron Amos and Presley Christensen continue their story in this book.  Two years have passed since Presley left Whiskey Creek.  She has come home, because she needs her sister and friends to help her with her son while she sets up a Yoga/Massage Studio in town.  She has come home to stay and is setting down roots.

Aaron has missed Presley, wondering where she went and why she left.  He finds out she is back in down through mutual friends, no one in his family has told him she was here. Unfortunately Presley’s sister Cheyenne is married to Aaron’s brother Dylan.  Cheyenne thinks he is bad for Presley and is trying her best to keep them separated. Wyatt, Presley’s son, is a well-kept secret from his father and his father is someone real close by; maybe that is why Cheyenne wants to keep Aaron away?

So we have Cheyenne keeping Aaron from Presley, yet encouraging her friend Riley Stinson to date her sister.  We have Presley’s strong sexual attraction to Aaron, but filled with guilt because she can’t get over him and she won’t accept anything less than love.  And we have Wyatt, a secret everyone is trying to keep from his father. What a mess in Whiskey Creek. What else can be added to this mix? Oh, I forgot, Aaron is going to open subsidiary of the family’s business in Reno. Poor Presley he is going to go out of her life again. AND selfish Cheyenne is going to ask Aaron to do something for her that is very underhanded.

These are my feelings for the different characters in this book:

I feel sorry for Riley, he really likes Presley, but as long as Aaron is in the picture no one can take his place in her heart.  She dates him off and on, but with no commitment.

Cheyenne, I am really pissed off at; she dares to ask Aaron for a personal favor, yet she keeps him away from her sister and constantly warns Presley away from him.  Cheyenne, you are selfish, you see your sis is in love with Aaron, help her with this cause instead of giving her a hard time. You keep too many secrets from your “love” Dylan.

Presley has some major self-esteem issues and she needs to get over it and face the future with courage.  Reach out for what you want girl, instead of being so wishy-washy.

Dylan, I really feel bad for you.  Your wife is “gonna screw your life up big time.”  With all her talk about trust and love, she should start recognizing this instead of being a sneak.

Aaron, please decide what it is you want.  You had me dizzy in this book seesawing back in forth with “I love her, I love her not”.  You handled your surprise really well and you finally acknowledged that the ones you love are everything in life.

Well, that is my review, about what I liked or not in this book.  The author sent me a copy of the e-book in exchange for an honest opinion.  I do recommend reading this.  And now I wonder if the author, Brenda Novak, is going to follow up on the occurrences left unfinished in the book. I am waiting with bated breath. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Come Home To Me – Whiskey Creek Series – By Brenda Novak – SPOILERS

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