His Secrets by Lisa R Jones


Anything in the Inside Out Series is breathtaking.
In this short story Chris takes Sara to his Parisian country home and paints her. In the portrait she is naked, with a dragon tattoo on her shoulder that matches the one Chris has. He tells her “The painting isn’t about you covered in tats; it is about you being covered in me.” Wow! In this short time span Chris and Sara are getting to understand each other. He wants her to see where he came from, the awful blackness and despair he had in his soul, and how with her by his side he is becoming stronger and the need for punishment is diminishing.
He stills feels she has not seen what he was capable of and where he might fall again; it is an uneasiness he has, even though he knows he loves her and wants to marry. A phone call in the middle of the night from Tristan, Amber’s boyfriend, shatters his complacency. Amber has gone to Madame Isabel’s place of pain for a beating. She won’t listen to Tristan to get out, so Tristan has called Chris for help. Chris knows once he takes Sara to Isabel’s club, The Hive, she will really see where he has come from and what can happen if he weakens again. Dread fills him, thinking for sure Sara will leave him once she sees this scene. Once inside Chris meets Tristan and they proceed to Isabel’s floor. After a scuffle, with Chris putting Isabel in stocks, he gives naked and bruised Amber to Tristan and they all rush out before anyone notices that they are kidnapping Amber from the club. Chris has arranged an intervention to help her once they get outside and to the hospital.
On the drive from the hospital, Sara tells Chris that their relationship is not going to work; because she fears Chris will leave her again when he gets overwhelmed with guilt and goes back to that ugliness. She cannot be left alone again and survive. Chris tells her now everything is out in the open and she knows all his ugly shit and whatever it takes he will do it so that she will feel secure as his wife. There is “No In-Between, baby, I am all in with you.”
Wow! Lucky Sara. Even though this book is VERY short, it gives us a lot of insight into Chris and Sara’s relationship. You just know, they will survive and eventually reach their “HEA.” A good read for all.

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