Perfectly Broken by Prescott Lane

Peyton Mansfield wearing her baggy clothes and visiting her sexual trauma therapist weekly, does not date. Peyton is a very pretty woman with blue eyes and brown hair. She is a baker of some fame in New Orleans. She is very popular but very reserved. You see, she suffered an unimaginable trauma and she does not trust any man.

Reed Langston has just returned to New Orleans he is a well known architect. Plenty of woman find this blue-eyed man very attractive and are sexually drawn to him.

His best friend is Bret, who happens to be Quinn’s boyfriend and Quinn is Peyton’s BFF. On this beautiful day in New Orleans, Bret and Reed are walking towards “Adelaide’s “, Peyton’s bakery, to meet up with Quinn. When Reed and Peyton get introduced, their handshake sent shockwaves through them.

Little did Reed and Peyton know that Fate has a big surprise in store for them. The attraction is immediate and lightening hot. Reed is hooked and Peyton is fighting it.

Reed begins his courtship of Peyton. He is going slow, easing into a relationship because he knows she is special and a little frightened,
though he doesn’t know why.

Three people do not want this relationship to succeed, Griffin (Quinn’s brother), Heather (long time F–k buddy of Reed’s) and Reed’s dad. They will do everything to break them up..

I really enjoyed reading this book. Loved seeing how Reed and Peyton came to terms with the traumatic events that shaped their lives. True love does conquer all, including Griffin, Heather and dear old Dad.

I would rate this 4 thumbs up šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘


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