Love, Lex by Avery Aster


What a life Lex has led as a young adult. Drug addicted mom, never home dad, boyfriend boinking her mom, no self worth because of her weight and a virgin to top it all off. There was no way she was giving her Lady V to the stinking jerk her ex is after finding him and her mom in bed. Disgusted with this latest event, she called her best buds to help her move. Before leaving the penthouse she dumped a dress she hated and photos of her ex in the the tub and burned them. Little did she know that by one random act Lex and her friends would end up in jail. The flames in the tub caught the curtains on fire and the curtains reached Birdie ‘s oxygen supply. KABOOM!! Bye bye penthouse hello attempted murder and arson. Wow what a book! This is one hilarious escapade in the growing up years of these Manhattanites

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