MY HUNGER by Lisa Renee Jones

Crystal and Mark
Mark is still feeling guilty over Rebecca’s death. He cannot understand why, if he was grieving for Rebecca, what the hell was he doing in bed with Crystal? It was spontaneous, out of control sex and he does not do that. He is a Master of control. What really bothered him the most, was her brush off note that stated “Goodbye, this never happened, it was just sex” No way, this was not just sex, HE LOST CONTROL! He has a big problem with his Master image, if he cannot keep control, then he cannot keep anyone safe in the Master/Sub relationship. Mark finds Crystal to be the opposite of anything he likes in a woman but she makes him hot and he does not know why.
The book is very tantalizing and you will love the sex scenes and word play during these scenes between Mark and Crystal. Many a time when I would read a particular dialogue I would laugh at loud by Crystal’s witty and outrageous remarks.

Detective Grant vs Lawyers Dean and Tiger for the person of interest, Mark Compton vs Ava the Sly Shrewd Killer

Mark is being hounded and questioned constantly by Detective Grant on Rebecca’s death. He has to move fast in order to clear his name and protect the people of his club. The rest of the book goes into how and why but if I tell you I would have to say “beware of spoilers”.

Great read, by the way. If I were you I would not miss this important book of the Inside Out series.

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