“Are you sure you need to do this?”
“Yeah, I don’t trust that Stephen didn’t put a tracer on my computer. I just have an uncomfortable feeling. The last thing I want is that son of a bitch finding me because I was too arrogant to think he doesn’t have the brains to put spyware on my laptop. Or track me somehow. I’m even scared to check it or remove it. That just might give me away. I’ll be safer at the office, they have every kind of security. I won’t have to worry.” Thankfully Bobbie seemed to understand that she also didn’t want to do it when her bosses were around. She seemed to have bought her story about Stephen being abusive and ruthless.
Her phone buzzed. She’d silenced it but left it on vibrate so it wouldn’t wake Chance. She pulled it out of her pocket and checked the phone number. An involuntary shudder shook her body. Bobbie rested her hand on her forearm, looking at her in concern.
“I think I said his name too much or thought about him too much. He’s kind of like Beetlejuice, say his name three times and he appears. Or calls in this case.”
“Why don’t you get rid of it? Just cancel that plan. That’s how he’ll find you if he’s going to.”
“I’ve disabled the GPS. I know he might be able to track me still but it’s the only way Dad can get hold of me.” And it was her way of kind of tracking Stephen. The comment about hiring a private investigator freaked her out a bit. She needed to find out more.
“Here’s a thought. Call him. Give him a new number.”
“I want to but I can’t. He has to be the one–” She hadn’t mentioned that he had called but she hadn’t responded. To her it hadn’t been the call she’d wanted. She knew things weren’t going to change between them but that phone number was the last link she had, no matter how bad it was.
“Look, I know he’s a jerk. I’ve known you a long time. The man is as cold and emotionless as a wall-mounted fish. And scary as hell when you’re a kid. But come on, you’re his only child. And if it hadn’t been for him we’d have been separated a long time before you turned sixteen. Don’t you think he owes you some explanations?”
“I’m forever grateful that the only wish of mine that he ever followed up on was to talk your mom into sending you to boarding school with me.”
“You know he paid for me too, right? He paid everything.”
Tarin frowned at the intensity of Bobbie’s look but put it down to guilt. “Yes. I just hoped you didn’t know.”

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