My Fav Cuban Recipes – Torrejas or Cuban French Toast


1 Baguette of Cuban bread – let harden 1 day – cut in rounds
2 Cups of Milk
1 Shot glas of vino seco or cooking wine
2 Eggs
1/3 Cup Vegetable Oil
2 Tablespoons of Sugar
1 Taplespoon of Vanilla Extract
1 Taplespoon of Canela/Cinnamon Powder

1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Water
1 Cinamon Stick
4 Star Anise

Directions- Torreja
1. Mix milk,vino seco,sugar and vanilla extract
2. Add cut bread into mixture, place in deep dish
3. Sprinkle canela/cinnamon on top of bread
4. Beat 2 eggs – Take the Torreja/French Toast and dip in egg
5. Heat vegetable oil in pan
6. Fry the bread – when brown on one side turn to fry the other side
7. Put on paper towel to absorb oil

1. Mix all and boil
2. When mixture boils, DO NOT STIR, move from side to side until the syrup thickins to the consistensy you like

Add syrup over the Torrejas and Voila, a breakfast or dessert to love.

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