Lyrics, Heart and Soul by Anne Marie CitroContemporary Romance Date Published: November 14 2016                                             One of America’s most reclusive rockers, Ryder Vaughn, gets an unusual sentence handed down to him. The judge, hoping to teach him the value of human life, sentences him to ten months of community service at Reach Within Centre for individuals with special needs. Ryder is convinced that, if he isn’t crazy already, he will be by the time his sentence ends. However, his only other option forfeits his band’s livelihood.Five minutes after stepping into the centre, his entire life changes when he meets a gorgeous, little spitfire who will challenge everything he has ever believed about himself and the world around him. Francesca’s devotion has always been to her family, friends, and the job she is passionate about. Her life hasn’t been easy. She sacrifices a lot for the ones she loves and for her dream to visit Italy. Then Francesca finds herself in a desperate situation, and the tattooed beast who is serving his debt to society must save the headstrong woman from a secret that could destroy her. In turn, Francesca teaches Ryder, if you love something enough, it’s worth fighting for.Ryder knows he isn’t worthy of love, but this incredible beauty makes him want it.Ryder can save Francesca from her secrets, but can she save him from his? Is Ryder strong enough to endure the kids she loves and her crazy Italian family?Ten months can fly by or it can last an eternity. 

My Review is ***** (5 stars)

This review is from: Lyrics Heart & Soul (Sistas Book 2) (Kindle Edition)

This is one of the best books I have read in a while. It kept me captivated from beginning to end. I was impressed by how the author developed her main character, Ryder Vaughn, from bitter recluse to sentimental family man. The heroine, Francesca, was perfect for Ryder. There were so many secondary characters that enriched this story. Frank and Mason were just exemplary. I will buy book 1 and any further books written by A M Citro






Four years ago Jeremy Bradford was looking forward to a weekend with his girlfriend Sylvie. He was going to ask her to marry him. The next thing he knows he is waking up at St Helena hospital and finds out he had been in a coma for the last four years. His girlfriend Sylvie has married Silas Chambers, a shady lawyer his parents had in their employ. And he has a son, also under Silas’ name. Everything has been stolen from him and now he is going to find out who and why this was done to him because this was no accident. This book was very good. It kept me guessing as to who was involved and what was going to happen next.


HARD RULES by Lisa Renee Jones

My Rating:  4 Stars

If I were Shane Brandon I would abandon Brandon Enterprises, leave the CEO spot to my demented brother Derek Brandon and let everyone sink when the whole structure implodes (after the Martina cartel takes over) from corruption, money laundering, racketeering and fraud after I inform the FBI on what is going on. He does not need this hassle in his life when he is already a top-notch attorney in NYC with a sterling reputation.
His brother, Father and Mother are conniving and underhanded. He can not trust anyone at Brandon Enterprise except his own people, Seth Cage (Security) and Jessica (Administrative assistant). Now into this cauldron of vipers enters Emily, his father’s admin, his lover and an unknown.
You will love the suspense, action, subplots and characters of this book. Thank you so much for this marvelous book.