Your Heart to Keep by Amanda Mackey

Your Heart to Keep Cover
Contemporary Romance
Date Published: April 30, 2015

We don’t choose fate. It chooses us. Or so we are led to believe.

Holly Jenkins is about to receive a new heart, thanks to a donor match from accident victim, Chloe McQuade.
The victim’s boyfriend, Bad boy Jax, is angry and grieving for his lost love. He hates everything and everyone, including Holly. It isn’t until he meets her that he realizes there is something about her he can’t explain.
Could it be the beating heart of his dead girlfriend – the very one he owned, that calls to him?
Is the intense pull towards Jax coming from Holly’s own emotions or are they Chloe’s? And why is she suddenly craving things she never did before?
How do they decide what’s real and what’s not?

Is fate at play or is it something more?


Harina con Cangrejo

Love this dish!

hungry sofia

Despite a lifetime of research, I’m always discovering something new in Cuban food.  While it reminds me not to take anything for granted, less pleasant is knowing that my nearest and dearest have been holding out on me.  That’s how I felt when I discovered that harina – cornmeal simmered to a creamy state and topped with peppery sofritos and poached or fried eggs, ham or chorizo, shimp or crab – was a Cuban comfort food staple that everyone was having but no one was talking about.  I’d enjoyed Italian polenta prepared this way, but I  hadn’t realized there was a take on it that was much closer to home – just not my home.

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My Fav Cuban Recipes – Torrejas or Cuban French Toast


1 Baguette of Cuban bread – let harden 1 day – cut in rounds
2 Cups of Milk
1 Shot glas of vino seco or cooking wine
2 Eggs
1/3 Cup Vegetable Oil
2 Tablespoons of Sugar
1 Taplespoon of Vanilla Extract
1 Taplespoon of Canela/Cinnamon Powder

1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Water
1 Cinamon Stick
4 Star Anise

Directions- Torreja
1. Mix milk,vino seco,sugar and vanilla extract
2. Add cut bread into mixture, place in deep dish
3. Sprinkle canela/cinnamon on top of bread
4. Beat 2 eggs – Take the Torreja/French Toast and dip in egg
5. Heat vegetable oil in pan
6. Fry the bread – when brown on one side turn to fry the other side
7. Put on paper towel to absorb oil

1. Mix all and boil
2. When mixture boils, DO NOT STIR, move from side to side until the syrup thickins to the consistensy you like

Add syrup over the Torrejas and Voila, a breakfast or dessert to love.


Say My Name – J Kenner

Firstly, I have to say that J Kenner is one of my favorite authors. Her Stark Trilogy was full of action, suspense, intrigue and of course sex. These novels kept the readers interest on high alert the whole time reading them.
Then she wrote the Stark Ever After Novellas, which were fab because they kept you in touch with my good friends the Starks.
After came the Most Wanted Series; the three novels were good and intriguing. Not as fabulous as the Stark Trilogy, but good reading in a different way.
Now comes the Stark International Novels, the first titled “Say My Name” and I have to say it was not as suspenseful or intriguing as the other series. When Steele made his debut in “Play my Game” I saw him as dangerous, tall, strong-willed and handsome. A person with a very mysterious past that was meant to be unraveled. Unfortunately the novel consisted of a lot of verbiage mainly by Sylvia about her past and why she is afraid of everything and little or no intrigue or suspense. Steele is in a revenge mode against Sylvia because of their past interaction and he has hints of a lot of mysteries affecting him, but these were not explained to maintain my interest. But I must give credit where credit is due, a block-buster of information in the last two chapters plus epilogue, makes up for the sedateness of the whole book from chapter 1 to 22. The cliffhanger makes one anxious to see what develops with this information in the next book. In summary, the book is wordy and drawn out, but one needs to read it in order to find the gold nugget of information it gives up at the end. In spite of this, J Kenner is still one of my fav authors.

Thank you Net Galley and the Publisher for lending me this book for an early review.


“Are you sure you need to do this?”
“Yeah, I don’t trust that Stephen didn’t put a tracer on my computer. I just have an uncomfortable feeling. The last thing I want is that son of a bitch finding me because I was too arrogant to think he doesn’t have the brains to put spyware on my laptop. Or track me somehow. I’m even scared to check it or remove it. That just might give me away. I’ll be safer at the office, they have every kind of security. I won’t have to worry.” Thankfully Bobbie seemed to understand that she also didn’t want to do it when her bosses were around. She seemed to have bought her story about Stephen being abusive and ruthless.
Her phone buzzed. She’d silenced it but left it on vibrate so it wouldn’t wake Chance. She pulled it out of her pocket and checked the phone number. An involuntary shudder shook her body. Bobbie rested her hand on her forearm, looking at her in concern.
“I think I said his name too much or thought about him too much. He’s kind of like Beetlejuice, say his name three times and he appears. Or calls in this case.”
“Why don’t you get rid of it? Just cancel that plan. That’s how he’ll find you if he’s going to.”
“I’ve disabled the GPS. I know he might be able to track me still but it’s the only way Dad can get hold of me.” And it was her way of kind of tracking Stephen. The comment about hiring a private investigator freaked her out a bit. She needed to find out more.
“Here’s a thought. Call him. Give him a new number.”
“I want to but I can’t. He has to be the one–” She hadn’t mentioned that he had called but she hadn’t responded. To her it hadn’t been the call she’d wanted. She knew things weren’t going to change between them but that phone number was the last link she had, no matter how bad it was.
“Look, I know he’s a jerk. I’ve known you a long time. The man is as cold and emotionless as a wall-mounted fish. And scary as hell when you’re a kid. But come on, you’re his only child. And if it hadn’t been for him we’d have been separated a long time before you turned sixteen. Don’t you think he owes you some explanations?”
“I’m forever grateful that the only wish of mine that he ever followed up on was to talk your mom into sending you to boarding school with me.”
“You know he paid for me too, right? He paid everything.”
Tarin frowned at the intensity of Bobbie’s look but put it down to guilt. “Yes. I just hoped you didn’t know.”

MY CONTROL by Lisa Renee Jones

Mark’s POV continues, you see him unraveling from the first book “The Master Undone”, through “My Hunger” and now “My Control”. In this last book, guilt is eating him alive. He is drinking more and apathetic to everything except Crystal. He loses all control with her and just wants to be in her embrace. He hates/ loves this feeling that is trying to get out. Really, who is this man, what happened to the real Mark? It is heartbreaking to see him slide into this void, until he receives some information that sparks revenge in his soul. Eva has escaped and someone had to have helped her. He will now find them both and get revenge for Rebecca.