Your Heart to Keep by Amanda Mackey

Contemporary Romance Date Published: April 30, 2015 We don’t choose fate. It chooses us. Or so we are led to believe. Holly Jenkins is about to receive a new heart, thanks to a donor match from accident victim, Chloe McQuade. The victim’s boyfriend, Bad boy Jax, is angry and grieving for his lost love. He… Continue reading Your Heart to Keep by Amanda Mackey

My Fav Cuban Recipes – Torrejas or Cuban French Toast

Torrejas 1 Baguette of Cuban bread – let harden 1 day – cut in rounds 2 Cups of Milk 1 Shot glas of vino seco or cooking wine 2 Eggs 1/3 Cup Vegetable Oil 2 Tablespoons of Sugar 1 Taplespoon of Vanilla Extract 1 Taplespoon of Canela/Cinnamon Powder Syrup 1 Cup Sugar 1 Cup Water… Continue reading My Fav Cuban Recipes – Torrejas or Cuban French Toast


Say My Name – J Kenner Firstly, I have to say that J Kenner is one of my favorite authors. Her Stark Trilogy was full of action, suspense, intrigue and of course sex. These novels kept the readers interest on high alert the whole time reading them. Then she wrote the Stark Ever After Novellas,… Continue reading SAY MY NAME


“Are you sure you need to do this?” “Yeah, I don’t trust that Stephen didn’t put a tracer on my computer. I just have an uncomfortable feeling. The last thing I want is that son of a bitch finding me because I was too arrogant to think he doesn’t have the brains to put spyware… Continue reading DECEITFUL TRUTHS by Maggie Thom

MY CONTROL by Lisa Renee Jones

Mark’s POV continues, you see him unraveling from the first book “The Master Undone”, through “My Hunger” and now “My Control”. In this last book, guilt is eating him alive. He is drinking more and apathetic to everything except Crystal. He loses all control with her and just wants to be in her embrace. He… Continue reading MY CONTROL by Lisa Renee Jones