Lisa Renee Jones


MY CONTROL by Lisa Renee Jones

Mark’s POV continues, you see him unraveling from the first book “The Master Undone”, through “My Hunger” and now “My Control”. In this last book, guilt is eating him alive. He is drinking more and apathetic to everything except Crystal. He loses all control with her and just wants to be in her embrace. He… Continue reading MY CONTROL by Lisa Renee Jones

Being Me by LR Jones

Being Me by LR Jones

I won an Amazon gift certificate and a signed copy of “Being Me” from my Goodreads Lisa Renee Jones readers group. We read different chapters in the Inside Out Series and express our opinion. Winners are randomly picked for their contribution. Come and join our read along.
From the previous book “If I Were You” I won 2 Chris Merit Paintbrush Pens.